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Get entities by rank‚Äč

Query for long tail opportunities and receive entities along with their position in SERP.

Query Parameters
    q string required

    The Longtail query

    ln string required

    A location name, origin of the search

    Example: London,England,United Kingdom
    lc string required

    Language Code

    Example: en
    sd string required

    Search Domain

    Example:,,, etc.
    sc string

    Possible values: [all, local, network]

    Analysis Scope

    d string

    Default value: 10

    The maximum number of results to analyze



  • Array [
  • rank int32
    entities object[]
  • Array [
  • reference string

    The referenced entity URI

    properties object
    name string

    The name of the entity.

    sameAs string[]

    A list of sameAs entity URIs.

  • ]
  • ]