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The autocomplete endpoint suggests entities from Linked Data that match the provided query.

Query Parameters
  • query string required

    Autocomplete query

  • language string required

    2-letter language code, e.g. 'en'.

  • scope string required

    Possible values: [cloud]

    Default value: cloud


  • limit string required

    Default value: 10

    Maximum number of results. By default 10.

  • exclude string[] required

    List of entity URIs to exclude.



  • empty boolean required
  • Array [
  • id uri required
  • labels string[] required
  • descriptions string[] required
  • types url[] required
  • urls url[] required
  • images url[] required

    A list of image URLs.

  • sameAss url[] required
  • scope string required

    Possible values: [local, network, cloud]

  • description string required
  • mainType string required

    Schema type slug

  • label string required
  • value string required
  • displayTypes string required
  • ]