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WordLift is a semantic editor for WordPress to help writing, organizing, tagging and sharing content online. WordLift is designed for bloggers, journalists and content creators to inspire and make writing more productive.

WordLift adds semantic annotation and combines information publicly available as linked open data to support the editorial workflow by suggesting relevant information, images and links.

WordLift brings to content editors

  • support for self-organising (or structuring) content using publicly (or privately) available knowledge graphs (linked open data)
  • an easy way to build your own dataset made of web content, semantic annotations and a custom vocabulary
  • support for creating web content using contextually relevant fact-based information
  • valued and free to use photos and illustrations from the Commons community ranging from maps to astronomical imagery to photographs, artworks and more
  • insightful visualisations to engage the reader
  • new means to drive business growth with meaningful content discovery paths
  • content tagging for better SEO

Websites built with WordLift bring to readers

  • multiple means of searching and accessing editorial content around a specific topic
  • contextual information helping readers with limited domain understanding
  • an intuitive overview of all content being written on the site and around a specific topic or graph of topics
  • meaningful content recommendations