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Feed Specifications

Field separator: \t Array separator: , To use comma not as a separator, encode it to %2C EquivalentDescription
offerIdrequiredskuThe product sku
titlerequirednameThe product name
descriptionrequireddescriptionThe product description, html is allowed
linkrequiredurlThe product URL
imageLinkrequiredimageThe product main image, must be one of these ratios: 1x1, 4x3 or 16x9. Minimum 1.600 pixels wide.
availabilityrequiredavailabilityAllowed values: InStock or in_stock, LimitedAvailability, OnlineOnly, Discontinued, InStoreOnly, OutOfStock or out_of_stock, SoldOut, PreOrder or preorder, PreSale, BackOrder or backorder.
price_valuerequiredpriceThe price without currency and thousands separator. Use . (period) to separate decimals
brandrecommendedbrandThe brand name
price_currencyrequiredpriceCurrencyThe currency in 3 letters format (uppercase)
canonicalLinkrecommendedurlThe product canonical page URL
gtinrecommendedgtin (or gtin8, gtin12, gtin13, gtin14)The GITN
conditionrecommendeditemConditionAllowed values: NewCondition or new, RefurbishedCondition or refurbished, DamagedCondition, UsedCondition or used
additionalImageLinksrecommendedimageOther product images and ratios. Try to provide at least three ratios: 1x1, 4x3 and 16x9. Use the | (pipe) character to separate the image URLs
shipping0_price_valuerecommendedshippingRate.valueThe price without currency and thousands separator. Use . (period) to separate decimals
shipping0_price_currencyrecommendedshippingRate.currencyThe currency in 3 letters format (uppercase)
shipping0_countryrecommendedshippingDestination.addressCountry2 letters country code (uppercase)
shippingWeight_valuerecommendedweight.valueThe weight
shippingWeight_unitrecommendedweight.unitTextThe weight unit
idno-The merchant id, if available
sourceno-The feed source
contentLanguageno-The content language (2 letters code, lowercase)
targetCountryno-The target country (2 letters code, uppercase).
feedLabelno-The feed name
channelno-The target channel
itemGroupIdnoinProductGroupWithIDA parent SKU, required to group all variant products belonging to the same product group together