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Create an Entity Gaps analysis.

Request Body required
    url string required

    The URL to analyze.

    query string required

    The search query to analyze.

    model string

    The model

    number_of_entities int32

    Default value: 5

    Number of entities to highlight.

    query_location_name string

    Default value: United States

    The location name for the query, e.g. United Kingdom.

    query_search_engine string

    Default value:

    The search engine domain for the query, if not set will be chosen according to query_location_name



    items object[]
  • Array [
  • text string

    The text matching the entity.

    confidence double

    Possible values: <= 1

    The confidence score this is the right entity.

    occurrences int32

    The number of occurrences.

    serp_position int32

    The position of the entity in SERP. null if not applicable.

    entity_id string

    The entity id (URI).

    entity_label string

    The entity label.

    entity_type string

    The entity type.

    entity_description string

    The entity description.

  • ]