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Analyse Web Page‚Äč

Analyse the content of a webpage by using the url property of the request.

Request Body required
    html object

    The html fragment or html page to analyze.

    fragment string

    The html fragment to analyze.

    page string

    The html page to analyze, either fragment or page should be present

    url url

    The url of the page to analyze.

    urlClient string


    The client which the analysis should use to extract the content, by default chrome is used.

    language string required

    Possible values: >= 2 characters and <= 2 characters

    The content language, 2 letters code, e.g. 'en'.

    text string

    A textual fragment.

    exclude url[]

    An array of item IDs to exclude from the analysis results.

    scope string required

    The scope of the analysis, one of 'local', 'network', 'cloud-only', 'network-only' or 'all'.

    matches int32

    Filter out results that don't have at least the specified number of occurrences. By default 1.

    links string

    When returning an interpolated HTML results, matches should have the 'wl-link' class. By default 'no'.



    entities object

    A map of entity URI to the respective entity.

    property name* Entity


    entityId url

    The entity URI.

    confidence double

    Confidence score representing the entity match level.

    mainType string

    The main schema type for the current entity.

    types string[]

    The list of schema types which the entity can be classified to.

    label string

    The title of the entity.

    description string

    The description about the entity.

    images url[]

    The list of entity image URIs.

    sameAs url[]

    The list of entity sameas URIs.

    properties object

    The entity properties.

    latitude double

    The latitude.

    longitude double

    The longitude.

    synonyms string[]
    annotations object

    A map of annotation id to the respective annotation.

    property name* Annotation

    Object representing single annotation.

    annotationId string

    An unique id.

    start int32

    The starting posistion of annotation in content (zero-indexed & non negative ).

    end int32

    The ending posistion of annotation in content (zero-indexed & non negative ).

    text string

    The annotated text.

    entityMatches object[]

    The list of entities which the annotation matches.

  • Array [
  • confidence double

    Confidence score for the current entity.

    entityId url

    The entity URI.

  • ]
  • images object[]

    A list of images.

  • Array [
  • label string

    The title of the image.

    url url

    The image URI.

  • ]
  • languages string[]

    A list of languages.

    topics object[]

    A list of topics.

  • Array [
  • label string

    The topic title.

    description string

    The topic description.

    uri url

    The topic URI.

    confidence double

    The topic confidence score.

    images url[]

    A list of image URIs.

    sameAs url[]

    A list of sameas URIs.

  • ]
  • content string

    The text supplied for analysis.