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Analyse Web Page‚Äč

Analyse the content of a webpage by using the url property of the request.

Request Body required
  • html object

    The html fragment or html page to analyze.

  • fragment string required

    The html fragment to analyze.

  • page string required

    The html page to analyze, either fragment or page should be present

  • url url required

    The url of the page to analyze.

  • urlClient string required


    The client which the analysis should use to extract the content, by default chrome is used.

  • language string required

    Possible values: >= 2 characters and <= 2 characters

    The content language, 2 letters code, e.g. 'en'.

  • text string required

    A textual fragment.

  • exclude url[] required

    An array of item IDs to exclude from the analysis results.

  • scope string required

    The scope of the analysis, one of 'local', 'network', 'cloud-only', 'network-only' or 'all'.

  • matches int32 required

    Filter out results that don't have at least the specified number of occurrences. By default 1.

  • links string required

    When returning an interpolated HTML results, matches should have the 'wl-link' class. By default 'no'.



  • entities object

    A map of entity URI to the respective entity.

  • property name* object
  • annotations object

    A map of annotation id to the respective annotation.

  • property name* object
  • images object[]

    A list of images.

  • Array [
  • label string required

    The title of the image.

  • url url required

    The image URI.

  • ]
  • languages string[] required

    A list of languages.

  • topics object[]

    A list of topics.

  • Array [
  • label string required

    The topic title.

  • description string required

    The topic description.

  • uri url required

    The topic URI.

  • confidence double required

    The topic confidence score.

  • images url[] required

    A list of image URIs.

  • sameAs url[] required

    A list of sameas URIs.

  • ]
  • content string required

    The text supplied for analysis.