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Create Completion sync‚Äč

Create Completion sync

Path Parameters
  • contentGenerationId int64 required

    The Content Generation id.

Request Body required
  • apply_to ApplyTo required

    Possible values: [ALL, OLD_VERSION, MISSING]



  • completions_errored int32 required

    The number of errored completions

  • completions_generated int32 required

    The number of generated completions

  • content_generation_id int64 required

    The parent content generation id.

  • created_at date-time required

    The create date-time.

  • has_errors boolean required

    Whether the sync encountered errors.

  • id int64 required

    The unique id.

  • modified_at date-time required

    The last modified date-time.

  • started_at date-time required

    The started date-time.

  • stopped_at date-time required

    The stopped date-time.

  • total int32 required

    The total number of completions which needs to be generated