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Get by id‚Äč

Get by id

Path Parameters
  • id int64 required

    The Content Generation id.



  • account_id int64 required

    The Account id bound to this Content Generation.

  • created_at date-time required

    The create date-time.

  • deleted boolean required

    Default value: false

    True if the project has been deleted.

  • deleted_at date-time required

    The delete date-time.

  • graphql_query string required

    The GraphQL query which will be used to import entity data from the Knowledge Graph.

  • id int64 required

    The unique id.

  • max_tokens int32 required

    Possible values: <= 2000

    Default value: 64

    The maximum number of tokens.

  • model string required

    Possible values: <= 250 characters

    Default value: ada

    The model name.

  • modified_at date-time required

    The last modified date-time.

  • name string required

    Possible values: <= 250 characters

    The name.

  • penalty double required

    Possible values: >= 0.5 and <= 1.9

    Default value: 0.5

    The penalty score.

  • prompt_template string required

    The prompt template.

  • stop string required

    Default value: ###

    The stop sequence.

  • temperature double required

    Possible values: >= 0.4 and <= 0.8

    Default value: 0.4

    The temperature score.