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Our Commitment to Your Data

At WordLift, we take data privacy and security very seriously. We are committed to safeguarding any data entrusted to us and have implemented robust security measures to ensure its protection.

Our Security Measures​

  • Secure access controls: Each user has a dedicated, temporary workspace that stores files only during active use. These workspaces are automatically deleted after inactivity, minimizing data retention.
  • Encryption at rest: All data sources connected to WordLift are encrypted using the industry-standard AES-256 algorithm, including any PII (personally identifiable information) that may be detected, such as names, addresses, or social security numbers. This ensures confidentiality even if storage systems are compromised.

Our Service Provider's Data Security​

We partner with Microsoft, which adheres to the following data privacy principles for the Azure OpenAI Service:

  • No data usage for model training: Azure OpenAI does not use any data you submit (prompts, completions, embeddings, or training data) to train or improve its models. This ensures your data is used solely for the intended purpose within WordLift's functionalities.
  • Limited data retention: Azure OpenAI stores your prompts and completions for up to 30 days solely for abuse monitoring and human review. This data is deleted unless legal requirements dictate otherwise. Customers can also apply to disable abuse monitoring, in which case their data is not stored. WordLift doesn’t have access to your prompts and completions at all unless we mutually agree to do so to improve the service.
  • Industry-standard security practices: Azure OpenAI employs rigorous security measures, including:
    • Double encryption at rest: Your data is encrypted by default with Microsoft's AES-256 and can be optionally encrypted with your key.
    • Limited human access: Only authorized Microsoft personnel can access flagged data for abuse monitoring using secure methods with strict access controls.

Transparency and Access to Information​

We believe in transparency and empower you to access information about your data and how it is handled.

  • Azure OpenAI Service data privacy: For further details on Azure OpenAI's security measures and data usage policies, please refer to their documentation: Azure OpenAI Data Privacy
  • WordLift's terms of service: Our terms of service outline our commitment to data privacy and security in greater detail. You can access them here: WordLift Terms of Service
  • WordLift’s Privacy Policy: Other companies track your conversations to create detailed profiles about you. We developed Agent WordLift to adhere to a strict privacy policy. You can access it here: WordLift Privacy Policy

By choosing WordLift, you can be confident that your data is protected by industry-leading security practices and handled with the utmost care. We are committed to providing all our users with a safe and secure environment.