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πŸš€ Getting Started

This guide will walk you through the initial steps of using WordLift AI SEO Agent, your AI-powered SEO companion.

1. Getting Started:​

  • Sign Up: Head over to the WordLift website and create a free account. A payment method is required to activate the 14-day free trial.

  • Connect Your Website: Follow the on-screen instructions in the dashboard to connect the WordLift key to your website. This will allow the agent to analyze your website's content and structure.

  • Build Your Knowledge Graph: Consider building a Knowledge Graph for more comprehensive insights. This can be done manually or by leveraging WordLift's automated tools like the Product Knowledge Graph builder, the WordPress plugin, or the WordLift Cloud. A Knowledge Graph connects relevant entities and concepts related to your website's content, providing valuable context for the AI.

2. Exploring the Agent's Functionalities:​

  • Set up your key: To start using the AI SEO Agent, go to and enter your WordLift key in the β€œSettings panel”.


  • Explore Queries: Uncover the hidden potential of search queries. Understand how users search for topics related to your content and discover keywords you may want to target. Start simple and ask to the SEO Agent to:
analyze the query "semantic SEO" on


show me the entity gap between "linked data" and
  • Create Content: Leverage your website content for new article creation: As mentioned, ask the Agent to:
search the website for "the impact of blockchain technology on finance."
Analyze the entities associated with this query.
Generate an outline for a new, informative article based on the combined insights.

This will allow the Agent to analyze your website's content related to blockchain and finance, analyze the entities behind the top-ranking results on Google, and use all of this information to generate a new, informative article.

  • Expand Existing Content: Enhance your existing content by automatically identifying and suggesting relevant entities that can be integrated seamlessly. This can improve the depth and context of your content, making it more engaging for readers and search engines. It is as simple as asking to:
expand the content on by integrating entities like Google and Semantic Web.

At the moment we are not able to support Chinese language for some of the Agent tasks that require analysing texts or queries.