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Unleash the Power of Agent WordLift: Explore a Range of Capabilities

This table showcases some of the valuable functionalities available within Agent WordLift, designed to empower editors and streamline content creation. Utilize these prompts to leverage Agent WordLift's capabilities and enrich your content strategy.

SEO Agent Functionalities

FunctionDescriptionSample Prompt
Analyze TextExtract entities and keywords from a given text.analyze this text to identify the main entities and keywords: 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.'
Analyze URLGather webpage entities from a specified URL.analyze the entities on this webpage: ''
Analyze QueryAnalyze Google Search results for a specific query.analyze the query 'best practices for sustainable gardening' on
Domain-Specific SearchConduct focused research on the user's website content.perform a domain-specific search for articles related to 'artificial intelligence' on my website
Content ExpansionExpand the content of a given URL based on specified entities.expand the content of this URL '' by focusing on the entities 'renewable energy' and 'solar panels'
Content CreationCreate content based on insights from domain-specific searches and user input.create a new article about 'the impact of blockchain technology on finance' using insights from our website's existing content'
Entity Gap AnalysisIdentify the gap between entities in a URL and those in top-ranking Google results for a specific query.perform an entity gap analysis for '' against the query 'how to improve SEO rankings'
SEO Score AnalysisAssess the SEO relevance and trustworthiness of a URL or text content for a specific keyword.analyze the SEO score for the keyword 'organic coffee' in relation to the content on ''
Generate DiagramVisualize information such as entity relationships or topic clusters using diagrams.generate a mind map to visualize the topic clusters for 'sustainable farming practices'
Fact-CheckingAssess the accuracy of statements or claims using the WordLift Fact-Checking tool.fact-check this statement: 'Drinking two liters of water a day can significantly reduce the risk of kidney stones'
Keyword SuggestionsGenerate keyword suggestions based on a given keyword to assist with SEO and content strategy.generate keyword suggestions based on 'sustainable living' to refine content focus and enhance discoverability online'
Content BucketsCreate content buckets for Social Media.Search for content related to 'GS1', 'GS1 Digital Link' and create content buckets from Social Media.
Create a Thread on XCreate a Thread on X using the users's website content.Search for 'neuro-symbolic AI' and carefully analyze the writing style on my website and, with this in mind, create a Twitter thread to promote the topic to web publishers. Always add links back to the website to help users discover additional information.