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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Agent WordLift work?

Agent WordLift is a smart assistant for SEO. It leverages AI to understand and enhance web content, making it more discoverable and relevant to users and search engines. Its use of a knowledge graph, NLP, and semantic SEO techniques, combined with continuous learning and automation, makes it a powerful tool for improving online visibility and engagement.

Agent WordLift uses knowledge graph data, WordLift APIs, and various language models in synergy. At its core, it is a Multi-Agent System (MAS) that uses a knowledge graph to understand and organize information in a structured form, like a human brain's long-term memory. It then uses the language model and APIs to process queries and content in natural language.

What can I do with Agent WordLift?

Agent WordLift is designed to automate various tasks to enhance SEO and content marketing. Here are a few types of tasks that you can automate using Agent WordLift:

  1. Content Analysis: Agent WordLift can analyze text or webpages to extract meaningful insights, such as entities and keywords. This helps understand the content's focus and how it can be optimized for better search engine visibility.
  2. Entity and Keyword Extraction: It can automatically identify and extract entities and keywords from content, making it easier to optimize articles, blog posts, and web pages for specific topics or search queries.
  3. Content Expansion: Based on specified entities, Agent WordLift can expand the content of a given URL, adding depth and detail to ensure comprehensive coverage of a topic.
  4. SEO Score Analysis: The agent can assess the SEO relevance and trustworthiness of content about specific keywords and search intent, providing insights for optimization.
  5. Keyword Suggestions: It generates keyword suggestions to improve SEO and content discoverability, helping identify related keywords, their search volume, and other relevant metrics.
  6. Entity Gap Analysis: Agent WordLift can identify the gap between entities in your content and those in top-ranking content for specific queries, guiding content enhancement.
  7. Content Creation: Leveraging insights from domain-specific searches and broad analyses, Agent WordLift can assist in creating new content that is optimized for both users and search engines.
  8. Fact-Checking: The agent can check statements or claims, assessing their accuracy and providing a factuality score.
  9. Google Trends Analysis: Agent WordLift integrates with the WordLift Google Trends API to analyze the seasonality of keywords. This feature allows the agent to understand and leverage the seasonality of search terms, providing insights into peak times and trends for better content planning and optimization.

By automating these tasks, Agent WordLift significantly streamlines the SEO and content optimization process, making it easier for content creators and marketers to achieve their goals.

What is the technology behind the Agent? Which AI model are you using here?

Agent WordLift leverages a Multi-Agent System (MAS) powered by Azure OpenAI Service. This innovative architecture allows us to dynamically select the most suitable model for each task.

We utilize a diverse set of models, including the latest versions of the GPT-4 family (both 8k and 32k parameter versions) and GPT-3.5 family. This flexibility offers several advantages:

  • Tailored Performance: We can match the model to your specific needs, considering factors like performance, size, and cost.
  • Vendor Independence: The MAS architecture avoids vendor lock-in, allowing us to seamlessly integrate future advancements across the AI landscape.
  • Rapid Innovation: We can quickly incorporate cutting-edge models into Agent WordLift, ensuring you benefit from the latest breakthroughs.

Additionally, we actively explore the potential of open-source models for future integration.

How much does Agent WordLift cost?

Agent WordLift is included in our Professional, Business, and Enterprise plans. Buying the license will give you access to the Agent with a certain number of interactions. Go to the pricing and get started!

Where can I see the interaction limits?

We will notify you within the chat when you have reached your interaction limits. Your subscription will remain active, and the number of interactions will be reset at the beginning of the new month.

What are the ethical implications of using Agent WordLift?

The ethical implications of using Agent WordLift revolve around its commitment to data privacy and security, ensuring that user information is treated with the utmost care.

WordLift employs advanced encryption standards (AES) to protect data, emphasizing the confidentiality of user information. The platform adheres to strict data retention policies, which are kept only as long as necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected. This approach aligns with ethical standards, prioritizing user privacy and minimizing data exposure risks.

In addition, WordLift's privacy policy transparently explains how data is collected, used, and protected, fostering trust between the platform and its users. By partnering with reputable organizations such as Microsoft and OpenAI, WordLift further assures users of its commitment to ethical practices in developing and applying AI. The platform's ethical stance is about adhering to legal requirements and respecting user privacy, ensuring data security, and fostering a trusted environment for improving SEO and content strategies through AI.