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Get by id‚Äč

Get a Merchant by its id.

Path Parameters
  • id int64 required

    The Merchant id



  • access_token string required

    The Google merchant access token

  • account_id int64 required

    The account id

  • automatic_synchronization boolean required

    Whether the Merchant data will be synchronized automatically

  • created_at date-time required

    The create date-time

  • dataset_domain string required

    The custom domain (for example

  • dataset_name string required

    The dataset path (for example /data)

  • deleted boolean required

    Default value: false

    True if the merchant has been deleted

  • deleted_at date-time required

    The delete date-time

  • google_merchant_id int64 required

    The Google Merchant id

  • id int64 required

    The unique id

  • modified_at date-time required

    The last modified date-time

  • publisher_name string required

    The publisher name (shows in schema publisher)

  • refresh_token string required

    The Google merchant refresh token

  • url string required

    The website URL