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Get by id‚Äč

Get by id

Path Parameters
    merchantId int64 required

    The Merchant's id

    id int64 required

    The Merchant Sync id.



    created_at date-time

    The create date-time.

    has_errors boolean

    Whether the sync encountered errors.

    id int64

    The unique id.

    merchant_id int64 required

    The parent Merchant id.

    modified_at date-time

    The last modified date-time.

    products_created int32

    The number of created products

    products_deleted int32

    The number of deleted products

    products_errored int32

    The number of errored products

    products_skipped int32

    The number of skipped products

    products_total int32

    The total number of processed products, including the skipped and errored.

    products_updated int32

    The number of update products

    started_at date-time

    The started date-time.

    stopped_at date-time

    The stopped date-time.